Los Angeles Guerrillas to keep Spart in starting lineup for Call of Duty League’s Pro-Am Classic, Major 3 qualifiers

Gunless will move to the substitute position on the team.

Image via Call of Duty League

The Los Angeles Guerrillas will keep Spart as a starter for the Call of Duty League team as Gunless continues to recover from an illness. 

After winning the Call of Duty League Major with Spart in place of Gunless in the starting lineup, the Guerrillas announced Spart would remain a part of the championship-winning foursome for the Pro-Am Classic and the third Major’s qualifying matches. Spart subbed in for Gunless during the final week of Major Two qualifiers due to Gunless experiencing side effects from medication being used to treat erosive duodenitis, stomach ulcers, and small intestines ulcers.

Despite being swept in their final qualifying match and losing their first match of the Major, the Guerrillas completed a historic losers bracket run and won their first-ever Major with Spart in the roster. The team’s Search and Destroy play and Spart’s use of the Volk, in particular, proved to be gamechangers en route to their title.

LAG coach Bevils tweeted that Spart “earned the opportunity to continue showing the value he brings while [Gunless] recovers back to 100%” and that Gunless “remains an important part of [their] team.” The organization also said Gunless will be the team’s lone substitute.

Before the Guerrillas return to online play with the next set of qualifying matches, they, along with the other 11 CDL teams and the top four Challengers teams from the recent Challengers Open event, will compete in the CDL Pro-Am Classic from May 5 to 8.

The Guerrillas will then play OpTic Texas in their first Major Three qualifying match on Friday, May 13.